Tuesday, October 4, 2011

School, New Jobs, First Birthdays

Chris is well into his first year of Dental School now and seems to be enjoying it thus far! He's made a lot of knew friends and between studying for tests and practicing with wax teeth making (you'll have to ask him about this!) is staying plenty busy. I've been working with Progressive Rehabilitation Associates in Iowa City, floating between two of their clinics, for about a month now and am trying to adjust to working four - ten hour days while Addy attends an in-home daycare four days a week. Chris has been doing a great job of getting Addy up and ready and taking her to and picking her up from the babysitter's each day and we continue to enjoy the few hours we all have together each night by going on walks, playing with Addy's new birthday presents, reading books and watching cartoons and movies!

It's hard to believe our little princess is ONE! Where has the time gone?! We had a nice weekend home to celebrate the occasion. There is never enough time in a day or a weekend for that matter, to be able to do everything and see everyone we would like to; it is however, a blessing that we are back in Iowa and closer to home so that Addy's grandparents can all be a bigger part of her life as she grows up :)

The first birthday party was Minnie Mouse/Cupcake themed and we got to celebrate with family and friends before heading back to Coralville for another week of school and work! Here are some photos to enjoy! (Sadly, we lost our camera before the big event and so the photos I'm including are the ones I smuggled from facebook- thanks for those of you who posted them!)

Addy needed only a little encouragement and then dug right in and thoroughly enjoyed it!
So Big! One of her two First Birthday Outfits!!!

Addy's very first car! Cozy Coup from Gma/Gpa Inman

This is what we like to call a Sugar Coma! It's hard work turning ONE :)

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